Sunday, February 24, 2013

More Tokyo Sky Tree at Night / また夜の東京スカイツリー

After having dinner, we walked from Ryogoku to the Tokyo Sky Tree.


What do you know, two posts in one day!


Sazae-san Chaya / サザエさん茶屋

Sazae-san manju / サザエさんまんじゅ

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Rurousha said...

I accept full responsibility (thank you, thank you for the applause) for Ern's prolific posting. :D

Sky Tree! Wheee! If you're doing posts about Sky Tree, you may post seven times day.

That's the first thing I did when I arrived home: I said hallo to Sky Tree.

OK, well, second thing. I did say hallo to The Hero first. Briefly. :p