Sunday, February 24, 2013

Oedo Happyaku Yacho / 大江戸八百八町

We are still in Ryogoku, which means Sumo-land, so for lunch in Sumo-land, what else is there but chanko nabe!  What is chanko nabe?  It is a one-pot meal filled with vegetables and meat (sometimes fish), served in a broth.  Very delicious.  Great for cold weather.  We chose a restaurant right near the rail station called [Oedo Happyaku Yacho].


Check this out, a huge Sumo ring built in the middle of the restaurant.


Nice chopstick package / お箸入れの袋可愛い

Before digging into our nabe, its beer time.  The miso soup was delicious too.


The makings for our chanko nabe / ちゃんこ鍋の具

We ordered some side dishes as well like deep fried oysters.


Menchi katsu / メンチカツ

The chanko nabe! / ちゃんこ鍋完成!

Enjoying some Nihon-shu along with our chanko nabe.


And a cocktail or two / しくあわさサワーも飲んだ

Zosui to end our nabe meal / 〆はやっぱり雑炊ですね

For dessert - warabi mochi / デザートはわらび餅

Noren at the restrooms / お手洗いにあるのれん

Signs for the men's and ladie's rooms / お手洗いのサイン

Oden master Ern / おでんのマスター

Irashaimase! / いらしゃいませ!

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Were the portions relatively small? Coz that's a lot of food!

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