Thursday, January 10, 2013

First Shrine Visit of the Year (Part 2) / 初詣 (パート2)

Continuing are wanderings around Takahata Fudoson.


The 5 story pagoda we saw from the monorail.


Like I said, it was cold, but crowded.


Standing in front of the 5 story pagoda.


Lots of food booths around the temple grounds, but we wanted to sit and eat in a nice, cozy and warm restaurant so we didn't buy any goodies from the food stalls.


How cold was it outside?  Enough to freeze the water surrounding the pagoda.

どのくらい寒いか? 五重塔の周りのみずが凍ってましたよ!

 Ando / 行堂

Shoden-do / 聖天堂 (しょうでんどう)

The stairs lead up to the temple bell but was closed to the public.


Kannon / 観音様

I'm not sure who he is as I didn't read the fine printing.


Statue of Toshizo Hijikata / 土方歳三

Toshizo Hijikata was a member of the Shinsengumi and led one of the final battles of the Shogunate in Hakodate at Goryokaku.  There is a Hijikata Toshizo museum in Hino as well.  There is a museum in Hakodate as well that me and my family had checked out when we were visited Hakodate a few years ago.

Bridge that leads to a shrine to Benzaiten (one of the Seven Lucky Gods of Fortune).  The bridge is also called Benten-bashi.


The top of the Niomon Gate / 仁王門

Ah, most important part of the temple or shrine pilgrimage is the omikuji (fortune).  Mine started out with the best you can get - Dai Kichi!  Yep, I think its going to be a good year.


What's a visit to a shrine or temple without checking out their koi pond.


Why yes, that is me!


One last look at the whole area before heading off to lunch.


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