Thursday, January 10, 2013

Japanese Restaurant [Tengu] / 和食れすとらん 「天狗」

We decided to have lunch around Takahata Fudoson as it was a little past noon.  However, there wasn't many places to choose from.  All the eateries centered around the station and almost all of them were crowded and had long waiting lines.  We decided to go explore a bit.  We came across this Japanese restaurant that had reasonable prices and was not very crowded.  The place was called [Tengu], not to be confused with the Izakaya chain.  We both ordered the tempura plate which came with a choice of soba or udon.  I chose the udon.  Also on the menu was Oyster Rockefellers which looked pretty appetizing so we ordered that as well.


But first, a beer.  This place serves their own craft beer, Beer Brown.  It was quite delicious.

でも料理の前はやっぱりビールですね。「天狗」でしか飲まないビールがあります。 小さな酸造所で造ってるビール・ブラウン。結構飲みやすかった。

Tempura with shrimp, squid, and veggies topped over rice.


Hot udon on a cold day really hits the spot too.


Tyrone needs to make more of these on our next visit back to the States.


Bon Appetit!


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