Sunday, January 6, 2013

First Shrine Visit of the Year (Part 1) / 初詣 (パート1)

My first official post for the new year.  Nothing like starting off the post with the first shrine visit of the year.  Also, as my wife bought me a new digital camera for Christmas, these are the first pics taken with the new camera.  The last couple of years, our first shrine visit was to Shoin Jinja in our neighborhood.  This year we thought we would do a little exploring and check out a shrine that we haven't been to.  We decided to go to Takahata Fudoson in Hino city near Tachikawa.  Why there?  This year, Mikako's nephew will be enrolled in a university nearby and we , along with Mikako's mother went to check out where his new pad was and that's when we saw a large five-story pagoda.


From Tachikawa station, we headed to Takahata Fudoson station.


Gate to Takahata Fudoson / 高畠不動尊参道

Shrines and temples are always crowded during the New Year holidays.


Niomon (Muromachi Period) / 仁王門 (室町時代)

Hourinkaku / 宝林閣 (ほうりんかく)

Standing in line waiting our turn to make our offerings to the temple.


To be continue...


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