Friday, December 7, 2012

On Our Way to Chiba / 千葉県へ出発

Reiko and I still had time to check out one more shrine before heading back to Sangenjaya station to meet up with Yukio and Mikako.  So I took her to a very small and local shrine - Mishuku Jinja.  I didn't take as many pictures here as I've introduced this place in a prior post.


Why they are in the corner away from the main temple, I do not know.


Tanuki in the neighborhood / 太子堂に居るたぬき

Mikako got off work before Yukio, so we met up with her and went to the supermarket to buy stuff for dinner tonight.  We were planning on having some kind of nabe (one pot dish) along with some other snacks and beer of course.  We were going to Chiba by car so we would be taking the tunnel that goes under Tokyo Bay.  In the middle of the bay is a rest and recreation area called the Umihotaru which translates to the Sea Firefly.  We stopped there for just a bit before continuing on with our travels.


View of Tokyo from the Umihotaru Parking Area / 海ほたるから見る東京

Are you wondering what that huge object really is?  It was an item used to make the tunnel underneath the bay.

あのでっかいオブジェはなんでしょう? トンネルを作るものらしい。

You can see the newly built Tokyo Gate Bridge lit up.  To the right is the Tokyo Tower.


I suppose the blue flashing lights are the sea fireflies.


I would have liked to explore a little more but it was really cold and windy so back to the car we went.


Weird looking animal - the dog, not Yukio (but others may disagree, har har har).

不思議な動物発見 ‐ 犬ですよ、人間は幸男 (ま、幸男も不思議な動物という人もいるかも、なんちゃって!)

Journey to Chiba continues...


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