Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Ikejiri Inari Jinja / 池尻稲荷神社

Reiko and I still had a bit of time on hand before we were to meet Mikako and Yukio so we went to another shrine, the Ikejiri Inari Jinja.


This may look like the main entrance to the shrine but once again, I showed Reiko this shrine from the back entrance.


Not a real bird, in case you didn't know / 本物の鳥じゃないよ

The sign says this shrine is home to a well that never goes dry.  It's supposed to be somewhere on the temple grounds but Reiko and I could not find where it was suposed to be.


Explanation of the the well that never runs dry.    Sorry, I'm not going to translate.

Ikejiri Inari Jinja / 池尻稲荷神社

Dragon at the hand washing basin / 池尻稲荷神社の手水舎

This is the main entrance / これがメインの参道

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