Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Setagaya Kannon (a second trip continues) / 世田谷観音 (二回目のつづき)

There was still more to see at the Setagaya Kannon.


Rokkaku-do / 六角堂 (不動堂)

I love the dragon in front of this building / この建物の前にある龍はカッコイイね

Amida-do / 阿弥陀堂

On the roof of the building / 屋根の上にある

Idaten (God of Sports) / 韋駄天 (スポーツの神様)

I thought this was the "Roaring Dragon" but a picture on the Setagaya Kannon site shows a different one, looks like I will have to again one more time / これが世田谷観音の“鳴き龍”と思いましたが、世田谷観音の公式サイトに別の龍が載ってる、やっぱりもう一度行くべきだな

More building details / 建物の細かさに感動

Isn't that the cutest Ebisu-san you've ever seen? He is one of the seven lucky gods of fortune / こんな可愛い恵比寿様見たことありますか?

Nioumon / 仁王門

Jizo Bosatsu / 地蔵菩薩

Another monument to the Tokko-tai (Kamikaze) / あ特攻勇士之像

Setagaya Kannon Honbo / 世田谷観音本坊 (旧小田原藩代官屋敷)

Oops, looks like we came in through the back gate, this is the main entrance to Setagaya Kannon.  If you look closely, you can see another statue of one of the Lucky Gods of Fortune at the entrance as well.


The shachihoko on the roof of the building / 屋根にある鯱

From wikipedia: Shachihoko is an animal in Japanese folklore with the head of a tiger and the body of a carp.  It was believed that this animal could cause the rain to fall, and as such, temples and castles were adorned with roof ornaments in the form of a shachihoko, in order to protect them from fire.

And for my wandering South African friend, here is the URL for the Setagaya Kannon (perhaps a future walk for you, unfortunately, the site is only in Japanese)

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