Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Nihon-ji - Third Time is a Charm (Part 1) / 日本寺 ‐ 三度目の正直 (パート1)

Before I get started, a little celebration!  Since I had started writing this blog, this will be Post No.1000!


And now for the main purpose of our travels.  Nihon-ji at Nokogiriyama.  This is our third trip here.  The first time we went, it was in the middle of a typhoon.  The second time we went, it was late afternoon and we went up the other side of the mountain by a ropeway but didn't have the time to climb up to the Jigoku Nozoki or "Hell's Peephole".


This is the entrance that will take us to the largest stone Buddha statue in Japan.  It is larger than the Buddhas of Nara and Kamakura.  The temple was founded in 725 and consisted of seven great halls, twelve smaller halls and housed 100 monks. The Daibutsu (Great Buddha) was completed in 1783 and stands 101ft high (courtesy of Wikipedia).

この入り口から大仏広場に行く。そこで日本寺の大仏が座ってる。日本で一番大きいな大仏と言われてます。奈良の東大寺や鎌倉の大仏より大きい。高さは31メーター。 日本寺は神亀2年(725年)に開山されました。

Daikoku-do / 大黒堂

Nihon-ji Daibutsu (Yakushi Rurikonyorai - Buddha of Medicine) / 日本寺大仏 (薬師瑠璃光如来 ‐  やくしるりこにょらい)

Nokogiriyama Onegai Jizo-son / 鋸山 お願い地蔵尊

This Jizo overlooks all the smaller Jizo for their various wishes.


This monument was built to commemorate India sending Nihon-ji a sampling of the sacred Bodhi . tree.


Yep, we're going to walk to the top of this mountain.


A last look at the Buddha before making our climb.


Looking down the stairs we already climbed.


This Buddha is missing his head (but I discovered why).  During the years 1868 thru 1874, there was an anti-Buddhist movement called the haibutsu kishaku shortly after the Meiji Restoration.  A lot of Buddhist temples were destroyed throughout Japan and many Buddha statues were beheaded during this time as well.


Our climb continues...



Rurousha said...

You're right, I'm going to love this series. Don't draw it out too long, willya, you old tease.

Look at all those little Jizo statues! Aww!

So how many steps did you climb in total? Did you count?

Tokyo Ern said...

Didn't count, but I can tell you there were lots of stairs!