Thursday, December 13, 2012

Nihon-ji - Third Time is a Charm (Part 2) / 日本寺 ‐ 三度目の正直 (パート2)

Continuing our climb to Jigoku Nozoki, we must pass through the arhat area where you could check out a number of rakan Arhat stone statues (spiritual practitioner that can be either a monk or layperson who has attained Nirvana) along the way - some 1500 (1553 to be exact).  Some of you may remember these from my previous post on Nihon-ji but because they are so awesome, I thought it appropriate to share again.


Another beheaded statue / また頭のない羅漢が

One of the two above is Tsutenkan / 上の二つのどちかが通天関

Saigoku Kannon / 西国観音

As you can see, we had more stairs to climb (unforunately I didn't keep count so I don't how many steps there are to the top).

見ればわかると思いますが、山頂への道の階段はまだまだつづく (数えてないので、山頂までなんかいあるのかわかりません)。

Yes, we have reached the top! / はい、山頂まで登りました

Our friends - Yukio and Reiko / 友達の幸男とれいちゃん

Looking down / 下を覗く

Would you like to see where we were standing?  (By the way, this still is not the Jigoku Nozoki)

どこに立ったか知りたい? (ここはまだ地獄覗きではございません)。

A little rest area where you can get a good look at the Jigoku Nozoki (we're getting there).

休憩所で地獄覗きが見える場所 (あとちょっとだ)。

Beautiful! / 美しい!

And we made it - Jigoku Nozoki! / 地獄覗きに着いた!

I don't think my father would like to be standing at the edge there.


I must go back and have my friend take a picture of me while standing on the ledge.


Yes, that is me with my arms outspread!


Yep, third time was a charm, we finally made it to the Jigoku Nozoki.  One more look before checking out some more Arhat statues among other things.


We had to pass under this spider so Reiko jokingly tossed a chocolate malt and it actually got stuck in the web!


I feel like I'm in "Lord of the Rings".


And once we round the corner...


We are confronted by the Hyaku-shaku Kannon (Hundred Shaku Kwan-yin)!


This statue is fairly new.  Construction was started in 1960 and took six years to complete.


Looking up at the Kannon.


Looking up at the Jigoku Nozoki.


We will be heading back through the rakan Arhat before making our journey home.


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Rurousha said...

I get dizzy just looking at that cliff and the sheer drop, but to see that view, and all the rakan ... yup, I'd love to do it.