Saturday, December 15, 2012

Nihon-ji - Third Time is a Charm (Part 3) / 日本寺 ‐ 三度目の正直 (パート3)

Do you know what the problem is when you walk to the top of the mountain?  It means you have to walk all the way back down!  But as we had to pass through the rakan Arhat area again, it is worthwhile to descend at a leisurely pace.


He was by his little self (perhaps meditating in private) / 一人ぼっちの羅漢発見

Shoutokutaishi / 聖徳太子

Yuimakutsu (why he has the head of Shokupan-man remains a mystery) / 維魔窟 (ゆいまくつ) 食パンマンの顔してるのは謎です

Bekiradou / 薜蘿洞 (べきらどう)

Nippai-do / 日牌堂

We took a short rest here.  It's hard rock climbing down a mountain.


Houkyouinto / 宝筐印塔

Can you imagine trying to take a picture of every single rakan?  As I said previously, there are over 1500 at Nihon-ji.

日本寺に全てある羅漢の写真撮るのは想像出来ますか? 前も言いましたが、数は1000以上あるんだよ。

More beheaded rakans! / あっ、頭がない羅漢まだまだありました!

Mikako holding up the tree across the path with one hand!


Asekaki-fudou / あせかき不動

Hyakutai-Kannon / 百躰観音

Here we are at the Daibutsu area again.  I wanted to take the full picture of the Onegai Jizo.


Had to come back to the Buddha and thank him for stopping the rain and letting us reach our goal of climbing to the top of the Jigoku Nozoki.


And so ends our trip to Nihon-ji (but that doesn't mean are Chiba trip is over).  To be continued...


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