Sunday, December 9, 2012

Iwai Peninsula / 岩井海岸

Last night, we had a hard time sleeping because of the noise some young guys were making in the floor above us.  Those guys wouldn't shut up and they were loud until three or four in the morning.  (I must be getting old that it bugged me because I'm sure I caused as much noise when I was there age hanging out with friends somewhere).  Anyway, I was refreshed and forgot about the noisy guys once I took my morning bath and enjoyed the ocean view from the 12th floor (oh, and I pretty much had the bath to myself at that time).  I decided to take a walk to the beach myself before having breakfast.


No, that is not the Bates Motel, it is the Condominium Hotel Iwai Grandview where we stayed.


Early morning fisherman / 漁師の朝も早いんですね

Walking along the beach back to the hotel / ビーチで歩いてホテルに戻る

Fishermen / 漁師たち

Since we were at the beach in the off-season, there was nobody in the watchtower.


Road back to the hotel / ホテルに戻る道

Breakfast was buffet style / 朝食はバイキング

A little morning curry too / 朝カレーも最高

After breakfast and before heading off to our main objective, we stopped at the beach once again.


We saw quite a few of these guys on the beach / こういう姿の魚いっぱいありました

We believe these guys were responsible / 犯人発見

Now, off to our main objective - Nihonji.

さて、旅の本当の目的地に出発 ‐ 日本寺

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