Saturday, December 8, 2012

Hotel and Dinner In Minami Boso / 南房総のホテルと食事

Here we are at the Iwai Grandview Condominium Hotel.  Since we arrived at night, I shall show you the room first.

コンドミニアムホテル岩井グランドビューに到着。 夜に着いたもんで、部屋を紹介します。

As this is a condominium hotel, the room has everything you need - fridge, kitchen, shelf full of pots, pans, plates, etc.  You can rent a little burner and nabe bowl as well.


Check it out - rice cooker and microwave as well.


And for dinner - miso soy milk nabe

そして夕飯 ‐ 味噌豆乳鍋

Buttered potatoes / じゃがバター

Sausages / ソセージ

Marinated octopus (store bought) / タコのマリネ (店で購入)

Mixed olives (also store bought) / オリブ (こちらも店で購入)

Although I wasn't able to take a picture, this hotel includes an onsen on the 12the floor with a view of the ocean.  I wasn't able to see anything at night but I will be taking an early morning bath to check it out.


The following morning - view shots from our room.


Only a five minute walk to the beach / ビーチまで徒歩5分

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