Monday, November 26, 2012

Street Performers Festival in Sangenjaya 2012 / 三茶de大道芸 2012

Every year in the middle of October, my neighborhood (Sangenjaya) features a street performers festival.  This year it was on the weekend of the 20th and 21st.  As Mikako works all day on Saturday, I thought I would take a sneak peak for myself (and grab some lunch at one of the many food stalls as well).


Fairly big crowd at the yatai mura (food stall area).


The line for the sausage assortment was extremely long (but I plan to get some tomorrow when I will go again with Mikako and also meet some friends.)


Meat Meat Meat / 肉 肉 肉

And more meat / また肉

Even though I passed up the meat today, I did indulge in a craft beer called Kawaba from Gunma Prefecture.


The first street performer I saw / 本日最初に見た大道芸

Here he is again being "The Thinker" / “考える人”の真似

My first bite to eat - tandoori chicken skewer / 最初に食べたもの ‐ タンドリチキンの串焼き

However, this was my main lunch - fish and chips / 本当の昼食はフィッシュアンドチップス

You also get a large choice of sauces to top your fish and chips.  I settle for the standard vinegar and also decided to try the spicy soy mayo combo sauce.


My kind of food booth! / 僕が好きそうな屋台!

Street performers art work / 大道芸のオブジェもあちこち見かけます

Wandering around some of the back streets (and yes, this is still Sangenjaya)


Tomorrow - more food and more street performers.

明日 ‐ 食べ物と大道芸のつづき。

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