Thursday, November 22, 2012

Bus Festival 2012 in Yoyogi (Part 3) / バスフェスタ 2012 in 代々木 (パート3)

As I was heading home from the Kyushu Fair, I had to pass by the stage where the bus drivers had their short talk show.  But unlike the driver's panel discussion, there seem to be a huge crowd gathered for the next stage event.  And most of those people hand their cameras at the ready.  So I checked to see what the next stage was going to be.  Aha!  Bus guide uniform fashion show!!  So I stuck around.


Hinomaru Bus / 日の丸観光バス

Hato Bus / ハトバス

Tokyo Yasaka Kanko Bus / 東京ヤサカ観光バス

Fuji Kyuko Kanko / 富士急行観光

There were 10 different bus companies that took part in the fashion show.  If you are wondering why the final picture is small, it is because I took it with my cell phone camera.  The battery in my digital camera went dead half-way through the show.


And so to home I went.


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