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Hokkaido Fair in Yoyogi Park 2012 / 北海道フェアin代々木 2012

Although I missed out on quite a few food festivals this year - Thai, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, and endured the rain for Namaste India, I couldn't pass up the following week's event - "Hokkaido Fair in Yoyogi".  Yes, I caved into my vice of going out and enjoying delicious foods!  The weather wasn't that great in the morning but the forecast was for it to be clear around the afternoon.  Only invited a couple of friends this time around as I wasn't planning on spending the day at Yoyogi Park.

今年いろんなフェスティバルを見逃しましたが ‐ タイ、スリランカ、ベトナム等、そして雨の中のナマステインディアも頑張って行きましたが、その一週間後のイベントはまた楽しみだった。毎年恒例の「北海道フェアin代々木」が開催される!そうなんです、北海道物産です。行くしかないでしょう。 一日居るつもりはなかったので今回は少なめなメンバーで行きました。

There is always a huge turnout for the Hokkaido Fair as well.


Here is one big reason why everybody loves the Hokkaido Fair - Taraba Crabs!  I was thinking of getting one as well until I found that one leg costs 1500yen!  But they sure did look good.

北海道と言えば ‐ タラバ蟹でしょう。 買おうと思いましたが、足一本が1500円。う~ん、ちょっと高いな。他のものも食べたいし。でもやっぱり美味しそう。

We started our culinary afternoon with Ishikari zangi  (which are deep fried chicken nuggets and salmon).

食欲の始まりは石狩ザンギ (石狩市の名物らし、屋台のサインに“鮭と鶏の絶妙のコラボ!!”と書かれてます。

Here's a dish that definitely says HOKKAIDO!  Kaisen-don (rice in a bento box topped with crab meat, sea urchin and salmon roe).  Mikako loves this.  I'm not a big fan of sea urchin or salmon roe but was lucky enough to eat the crab leg!

これこそ ‐ 北海道って感じじゃないですか? 海鮮丼!美香子はこれ好き。自分はうにといくらはあんまり好きじゃないんですが、ラッキーな事に、僕が蟹の足を頂いちゃいました!

This is my friend's daughter Rino enjoying a Fish cake on a stick with scallops.


Crab, chicken, salmon is fine and all but here is the reason why Mikako and I love to go to the Hokkaido Fair.  To eat some Genghis Khan (Mongolian mutton barbecue) from the booth set up by a restaurant called Matsuo.  Genghis Kan is their specialty.


It may seem a bit messy but it is so delicious!!


Genghis Khan / ジンギスカン

Genghis Khan rice bowl / ジンギスカン丼

Yes, I had a bite of the fish cake on a stick too.


And I had a bite of a spicy vegetable curry-pan.


Only sold in Hokkaido so of course I had to drink one of these.


Its a crab fish cake tempura!  I really do not like kamaboko (fish cake) but this I can make an exception for.

カニカマ天ぷらだ! 僕はかまぼこは大っきらいですが、これは美味しくいただきました。

Some of the strange things you see at festivals.


There was a booth that was selling raffles for Otaru wine.  You are guaranteed to win at least one bottle and the cost is only 1000yen.  Some lucky person won 12 bottles!  I only scored one and chose this Rose.  My friends said it was way too sweet.  Oh well, what do I know about wine anyway?


From the bottle no less (and it seems I'm missing a shoe).  No worries - I am not homeless and I was not drunk.  Just goofing around.

ラッパ飲み? 右足の靴は? 大丈夫、ふざけてるだけです。ホムレスでもない、酔ってませんよ!

We had been eating and drinking for a while but when I spotted something called "bacon steak" on a food booths sign, I knew I had to have it!  It may seem like an average slice but check me out below.

お昼から食べて飲んでましが、ある屋台のメニューに“ベーコンステーキ”という文字を発見したら、買うしかない! 写真ではこのベーコンの大きさが伝わらないかも知りませんので、下記の写真で僕が試食してるところをご覧になってくれ。

No, I did not eat it all by myself.  I had some help.


Somewhere near the bacon steak booth was another booth selling something called a Bochan regaletto.  A squash filled with ham, cheese and vegetables!  It also looked pretty good so I bought that as well.


One of my friends who joined us later brought some miso ramen.  Mikako and I went out for miso ramen the previous evening so we didn't even bother with the ramen stalls, however, I did have one bite.


It seems we were at the park a lot longer than intended, but check out that crowd.


Until next year!!


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