Sunday, November 11, 2012

Bus Festival 2012 in Yoyogi (Part 1) / バスフェスタ 2012 in 代々木 (パート1)

A week after the Hokkaido Fair was the Kyushu Fair.  I wasn't planning on going but it was such a nice day out I ventured forth.  However, before I got to Kyushu Fair I also discovered that there was a Bus Festival on the same day, also at Yoyogi.  I decided to check out all the buses on display before grabbing a bite to eat.

北海道フェアが終わって、次の週は九州フェアが開催されました。別に行くつもりはなかったが、天気が散歩日和で結局一人で行きました。会場に着いたら、同じ日にバスフェスタ 2012 in 代々木がも開催中でした。せっかく代々木まで来たので、九州料理食べる前にバスフェスタのほうを探索しました。

My South African friend would love this - a Rilakumma Bus with Rilakumma in the driver's seat.


The Hachiko Community Bus / ハチ公バス

Winning pictures of the 2012 Bus Design Contest, you can check out some of the buses with the designs below.

Bus driver panel discussion / バスの運転手のトークイベント

PASMO mascot (debit card for bus and trains) / PASMOのマスコット

One of the new models of the Airport Limousine, a fuel cell bus / エアポートリムジンの燃料電池バス

I've taken the Airport Limousine on many occasions but I haven't had the pleasure of riding on one of these fuel cell buses.


There was quite a crowd for the bus festival and I was soon to discover why.


Bus Guides!! / バスガイド!!

Tokyu Bus (I take this bus to work every day!) / 東急バス (僕の通勤方法はこのバスです)

Most tourists to Japan will be familiar with this yellow monster - the Hato Bus.  Its probably the most popular company for sightseeing in Tokyo.


Bus Festival continues...



Rurousha said...

A bus testival? That's cool! I need to make a mental note so that I can go next year. My favourite is the Rilakkuma bus. ^^

PS: Where's the Ueno/Asakusa panda bus?! You did take a photo of our panda bus, didn't you?!

Tokyo Ern said...

Hm, I didn't see a panda bus when I was there, but more bus pics to follow.

I like stumbling across festivals that I didn't even know were going on.

I thought you would like the Rilakkuma bus. (^v^)