Sunday, November 4, 2012

Daddy's Dining Cafe

The other day I couldn't decided what I wanted for lunch so I just took a random walk around my neighborhood.  Then I discovered this new place called [Daddy's Dining Cafe] which is mainly a burger shop but also has a few other items on the menu.  I settled on the avocado burger with a topping of salsa.  As I was waiting for my burger, I was thinking about the first time I actually had an avocado burger.  It would have been in my college days when I worked a little place called the College Inn Cafe.  Before then, the thought of buying or even eating an avocado never crossed my mind. At the cafe they had a California Burger on the menu, which was a burger served with guacamole and salsa.  I figured if I liked the guacamole that came with the nachos we served at the cafe, then I would surely enjoy it on my burger.  Even though I was the dishwasher, it was my duty to make the fries and the guacamole as well.  Lunch is served with a drink.  Also, if you order the salad set, you can get seconds on your salad (not too many places do that in Japan).

この間昼食でなに食べようか迷って、近所にぶらり散歩をしました。そしたら新しく出来たバーガーショップを発見。店の名前は「Daddy's Dining Cafe」。メインがバーガーなんですが、バーガー以外のものもメニューに載ってます。やっぱり決めたのはアボカドバーガー、そしてトッピングにサルサを選べました。 ランチはドリンク付き。サラダセットを選ぶとなんとサラダもおかわり自由(日本で結構珍し)。バーガーが来るまで、自分が最初にアボカドを食べたのはいつだったかなと考えたら、確か大学時代でした。高校の時アボカドなんか食べたことないし、あんまり聞いた覚えもなかったな。大学時代でバイトしてたカフェ「College Inn Cafe」のメニューにカリフォニアバーガーがあて、それはバーガーにワカモレ(アボカドのソース)とサルサが乗せたバーガーでした。いつもそのカフェでナチョスを食べたら、ワカモレもあって、結構ワカモレにはまりましたな。バイト先でワカモレを作るのも僕の仕事でした。当時良く店でナチョスも食べたな。 ナチョスに必ずワカモレも付いて、凄く好きになりました。 ナチョスでワカモレが好きならバーガーの上でもいけるんじゃないかなと思って、自分がバイトしたカフェで初めて食べたアボカドバーガーでした。

Avocado Burger with salsa / アボカドバーガー、サルサ乗せ

You can choose from two different kinds of dressing for your salad.  Caesar or a Japanese style dressing.  I chose the Caesar.  The salad is a mix of lettuce and cabbage with some sliced tomatoes on top.  And since I thought it was amazing that you can get seconds on your salad, I had seconds as well!


This was a cute little sign hanging in their bathroom wall.  It says this is a cafe where you will get hooked on burgers!


Bon Appetit!



Rurousha said...

Now this looks like a really nice place! That hamburger? That's what a hamburger should look like! ^^ (I've never understood the appeal of McDonalds.)

Cute name, too!

Tokyo Ern said...

We Americans love our burgers - even McDonald's (although I prefer these other places to the Big M).