Monday, October 1, 2012

Tokyo Sky Tree at Night / 夜の東京スカイツリー

A friend of mine is visiting from the States.  Also, a friend of his was coming to Japan from Seoul.    So, we had a little international evening with Americans, Japanese (my wife) and Koreans.  We had a nice dinner and then headed for Tokyo's newest tourist attraction - the Tokyo Sky Tree!  Not only did we go see the Tokyo Sky Tree, we actually went up it!

アメリカから友達が日本に遊びに来てる。その人の友達が韓国から日本に遊びに来てる。そういうわけで、夜は国際交流の感じ ‐ アメリカ人の僕と友達、僕の日本人の妻と彼の韓国人友達とその子の友達。夕飯は新宿の「世界の山ちゃん」に行って、そのあとは東京の新観光名所、東京スカイツリーに行きました!ていうか、登りました!

We made it to the ticket line a little before 9pm and amazingly there wasn't a very long line.  However, the entrance fee is \2000 yen for adults.  And that's just to get to the first observation area.  It will cost you another ¥1000 to go up to the upper observation deck.  Being our first time, of course we went to the upper deck as well.


The moon was out this evening as well / 月と東京スカイツリーのコラボ

The Tokyo Sky Tree looks kind of strange when you're looking up at it from the bottom.


Doesn't that look very sci-fi?  Its the view from inside the elevator while going up.


That blue thing in the background is the Tokyo Tower.


Here we are at the upper deck.

ここは一番上の展望台。 空に写ってる「Tokyo Sky Tree」カッコイイね。

Looking down! / 下を覗く!

Yes, we are standing on the glass floor, but for some reason, it doesn't seem to be as scary as the glass floor in the Tokyo Tower.  I wonder why?


Telling us how tall the Tokyo Sky Tree is.

Next time, I want to go up on a clear day!


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Rurousha said...

AAAAAARGH you've been up and I haven't yet AAAAAARGH!

Sulk mutter mumble mope.

So if I want to avoid long queues, I should go late-ish in the evening? Hmm.