Saturday, October 6, 2012

Handmade Soba [Shinsuian] / 手打ちそば 「深水庵 (しんすいあん)

A couple of months ago when my days off were still during the week, my wife amazingly had the day off as well so we decided to go take a short trip to Chofu (and Jindaiji in particular).  We wanted to cool off from the hot summer sun and all that green at Jindaiji seemed like a good plan.  Before walking around, we decided to have lunch and as Jindaiji is known for its handmade soba, that was what we were going to have.  But what you must know is there are over 30 different soba shops.  Choosing which one to go to can be a chore in itself.  The last time we were in Jindaiji, we went to a place a friend of mine recommended called [Tamon] where I also discovered Jindaiji Beer.  We liked the looks of this place from the outset and made our decision - [Shinsuian] it would be.  We both ordered the teuchi zaru soba with tempura which costs ¥1300.


The lady had forgotten to top our soba with nori when I had taken this picture but she came to our table shortly to remedy that situation.


Our assortment of tempura included shrimp, eggplant, sweet potato, and shiso (perilla, or formerly beefsteak plant).


Bon Appetit!


We also share a bottle of beer and was served a spicy side dish to go along with it.  I'm not sure what it was but it was spicy and delicious!


A view into the shop.  We ate outside because it was such a beautiful day.  It felt like we were a long way from Metropolitan Tokyo.  The staff of elderly ladies were entertaining and a pleasure to talk to.  Great service as well.  Oh, and I got that, "Wow, you can speak Japanese so well" which hasn't happened to me in a while.  By the way, I'm not one of those foreigners living in Japan who gets upset every time some new Japanese acquaintance or restaurant server says "You use chopsticks very well".



Ekaterina Trayt said...

Mmm, soba! I'm drooling from just reading the title of your post! :D

I'd probably be not able to choose which soba and where to have. Everything would seem tempting :D

Rurousha said...

Good grief! How did I miss this post? (I think it's called middle age, but never mind.) Jindai-ji! Isn't it a great place? Though would you believe it, I didn't have soba when I was there, because I was in a hurry to get to the botanical garden. Methinks me'll have to go back. ^^