Saturday, October 13, 2012

A Walk around Jindaiji again (Part 1) / また深大寺の散歩 (パート1)

And now for a tour of our latest walk around Jindaiji.  You must remember this was in August and the weather was quite hot.  All that green and it was still hot!  First, we came upon this tiny little museum (and it was free!)  It featured old agricultural tools and other farm related items.

そばをたべあとはやっぱり周りの散歩。8月だったから天気も凄い良かった。とは言え、猛暑日でした! 最初にみたのは小さなミュージアム(ただだったし)。農業道具などが展示されてた。

Two of the Seven Lucky Gods of Fortune (Daikokuten on the left, Ebisu on the right).


Map of Jindaiji / 深大寺案内

Shrine to Bishamonten (another Lucky God of Fortune)


To be continued...


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