Wednesday, October 17, 2012

A Walk around Jindaiji again (Part 2) / また深大寺の散歩 (パート2)

Continuing our walk around Jindaiji.


Binzurusonja - a sign says if you rub this statue wherever you're hurting, it will help cure what ails you.

賓頭盧尊者 (びずるそんじゃ)‐ サインに書かれました「おびんずるさんは、インドの僧侶で医学的にも大変すぐれたお力をもっていました。」 悪いところをなでると良くなるという話だ。

Monument to haiku poet Kyoshi Takahama / 虚子像

A distant mountain

Seen in the sunlight-

A desolate field

Jindaiji / 深大寺

Temple bell / 深大寺の鐘

Sanmon (Gate) to Jindaiji / 深大寺山門

But do you know what I really like about Jindaiji - the Kitaro Chaya.  This area was used as a model for the manga "Ge Ge Ge no Kitaro" and features a lot of the characters here as well.


Anybody lose a large pair of geta?


A replica of a tool that makes an appearance in the "Ge Ge Ge no Kitaro" manga.  This is a "Kodai no Ishi Usu".  Simply put, it's an ancient time machine!

You better hope your windows are closed and your door is locked or you might get a visit from a yokai (spirit).


Some of Kitaro's friends / 鬼太郎の仲間たち

Nurikabe / ぬりかべ

Kitaro with the gang / 鬼太郎と妖怪たち

You know, we came out to Jindaiji hoping it would be a little cooler than where we live - it was just as hot if not hotter on the day we went!!


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