Sunday, October 28, 2012

Namaste India 2012 / ナマステ インディア 2012

Do you know what I love about late summers in Tokyo?  Certainly not the heat and humidity.  But the almost weekly festivals.  However, if you try to go to every one of them, it will cost you a pretty penny.  So this year I limited the festivals I was going to go to.  I was still working weekends when the Thai Festival came along (but that was in May).  I also missed out on the Azabu Juban Festival, I skipped the Vietnam and Sri Lanka Festivals, and I didn't know there was a Mexican Festival until the last minute.  However, I decided if there was one festival I was going to go to, it would be the Namaste India Festival.  Indian curry was calling my name.  So I invited a bunch of friends to gather on a Sunday to enjoy.  However, the planned Sunday's weather forecast called for rain.  But as you can see from the picture above, not only did it rain, it rained all day.  But since I didn't go to any of the other festivals, I dragged Mikako with me and said we're having curry for lunch!


This festival is usually just as crowded as the Thai Festival but because of the weather, the turn out seemed pretty dismal.  Still, there were hardcore festival fans who braved the rain to check out the foods and products of India.


These tandoori chicken skewers looked too good to pass up.




I was happy to find sag on the menu (that would be the green curry on the bottom and is a spinach curry).  This also included chicken curry as well.  You can never go wrong with any Indian curries in my book!


We had to have some type of beverage to wash our food down so I chose these two different Indian beers.


We also shared a samosa (on the left) and a batata wada (on the right which is a spicy Indian croquette).


We ate under the large tents hoping the weather would get never did.


As it was only the two of us, we did not buy or try a large variety of dishes but this looked too interesting to pass up.  It was called a hariyali kabab (a chicken skewer with a spinach/yogurt sauce).


A bit of Indian art / インドアート

More Indian art / 他のインドアート

You can't have an Indian festival without a picture of the Taj Mahal!


Before leaving the festival, we bought one more item to take home with us - pasta with prawns.

持ち帰りで最後の一品を買いました ‐ 海老入りのパスタ。

Until next year....


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Rurousha said...

Absolutely agreed: you can't go wrong with Indian food. (I grew up with it, because there's such a big Indian community in South Africa.) {Then again, where is there NOT a big Indian community? Grin.}

Are you enjoying your free weekends?

I still work on Saturdays but have Fridays off instead. I like having a weekday off, because there are fewer people on hiking trails! :D