Saturday, September 22, 2012

鉄板和牛ハンバーグ「AGEMAKI」 / Teppan Japanese Beef [Agemaki]

I had passed by this restaurant on many occasions and had been planning on coming here to try their burger - which uses 100% Japanese beef with buns that contain euglena (you will have to look it up on your own).

三軒茶屋で何度もこの店を見たことある。今日はバーガーに気分でここに決定。店の看板を見ると“鉄板和牛ハンバーグ”と書いてますが、壁と店の前に話題のバーガーを宣伝してるものを目に入った。それはミドリムシハンバーガー。 ミドリムシと言っても虫じゃないからね。

There are other items on the menu but I was curious about this euglena burger.  The burger is served with soup, salad, fries and a drink.


Good volume.  Cheese and bacon will cost you an extra 100yen.  I only opted for the cheese today.


Yummy!! / 美味しい!!

A decent meal.  However, this restaurant has one more special item on its menu (which I passed on today) and which my sister would probably love to indulge in.  This shop features and all you can drink plum wine bar (100 different types with the time limited to 100 minutes).  And only for 1000yen.


The restaurant didn't feature 100 bottles when I was there, but its still quite an impressive collection.


Bon Appetit!


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Rurousha said...

Umeshu?! Forget about the beef, just give me the umeshu! :D