Wednesday, July 11, 2012

A Walk around Solamachi and the Tokyo Sky Tree (Part 1) / ソラマチと東京スカイツリー周辺の散歩 (パート1)

 Before you all ask me where are the pictures taken from the Tokyo Sky Tree, let me set you straight.  I didn't go up the tower for two reasons.  One, its currently by reservation only and two, it's damn crowded!  However, with the opening of Solamachi (the shopping area surrounding the Sky Tree).  There was one particular shop on my to go list, but you will find out what that is as continue to read.  Its also convenient that I only had to take one train from Sangenjaya with no transfers!


Oshiage station is now known as Tokyo Sky Tree station as well.


Yup, its a mighty tall tower, but as I said, I'm not going to be going up it today.  I will be walking around it.


This is my first stop, the Solamachi Shotengai.


Yep, it was quite crowded.  But not so crowded that you had no breathing space.


Americans wouldn't be surprised by a specialty popcorn shop, but its a pretty new thing for Japan (I think).  Of course there are flavor combinations you won't find in the States such as soy sauce / butter or green tea, consomme, and curry as well.  But there are some standards like cheese and garlic.  Spicy peppers as well.


What kind of shop do you suppose this is?  The pictures below will give you a hint.


Kabuki goods store?  Japanese art?  No, these are cookies!!  Of course these are display models but this entire store sells cookies with frosting art!

歌舞伎グッズ? 日本のアート? 違います! これはクッキーです!そうなの、この店はクッキーの専門店。上のものはディスプレイのものですが、クッキーにアイシングアートが乗ってるクッキーの専門店。面白かった。

A very popular sweets shop as you can tell by all the celebrities who have sent flowers for the opening.  I'm not going to bother with names, since most of my American readers wouldn't know who they are anyway.


Okay, this was sent by Nanase Aikawa, one of my favorite Japanese artists.


This was an interesting shop.  [Tonya Kokubu].  It was originally a soy sauce maker.  But the business expanded and sold and distributed all sorts of products we now take for granted - Calpis, Yebisu Beer, Ajinomoto, Mitsuya Cider, Kirin Beer, etc.  This shop is more like a museum then a shop.

この店は面白かった。「問屋国分」。創業は300年前、最初は醤油を使った店でしたが、会社が成長して、日本の食文化を支えてる会社になった。私たちが食べてる、飲んでるものも国分が関わってますよ。カルピス、キリンビール、あじのもと等。 この店は博物館な感じもします。展示されてるものが面白い。

The first bottles of Calpis came in this bottle.


Calpis is quite an old product - interesting.  I remember enjoying this during my childhood when I lived in Japan on an Air Force Base.


Ajinomoto (did you notice the kanji is read from left to right?) / 味の素 (気付きましたか、感じは左から読むんだよ)

Even more products supplied by Kokubu.


Which I still drink from time to time / 今でもたまに飲む

Delicious to eat with white rice, its seaweed.


The taste of this hasn't changed in 60 years.  It's ochazuke.


Ha, so I'm 2 years older than Oronamin C!


And this yogurt drink is older than my mother!


An original bottle of Yebisu beer / 発売当時のエビスビール

Kirin Lager

That's a lot of different miso! / 味噌もこんなに種類あるんだね!

Different soy sauces / 醤油いろいろ

I'm going to stop here for now, but my walk shall continue...



Rurousha said...

This is almost as much fun as going there myself! :) I won't get a chance to go till next month, so I'm really enjoying this virtual walk.

Where are we going next?

Tokyo Ern said...

I have a few more walking posts in store - Kumano Jinja, Chuo Park, and the Tokyo Metropolitan Gov't bldg as well as Nezu (which I did in one day), but it will most likely be a multi-part post. (^v^)/

Rurousha said...

I actually meant where (which shop) are we going next in Solamachi, but I'd be VERY happy with those other spots you mentioned. OK, then, let's get going! :D