Wednesday, July 11, 2012

A Walk around Solamachi and the Tokyo Sky Tree (Part 2) / ソラマチと東京スカイツリー周辺の散歩 (パート2)

I'm still at Tonya Kokubu where I came upon this interesting display of how sake is made.


Washing the rice

Steaming process

Adding yeast mash


Voila!  Sake!!

Wouldn't you just love this display in your own home?


100 different kinds of karinto (popular Japanese snack)


I think I must have spent an easy hour just looking at the products in this store.


Look!  It's the Sky Tree (made out of Lego blocks!)

見て! 東京スカイツリーだ (レゴブロックで作られたもの)

The Lego Sky Tree was made at a scale of 1: 300 and used approximately 15,000 Lego blocks.

Very cool! / かっこいいね!

Kimono clad lady selling limited edition Sky Tree goods.


Near the base of the Sky Tree / スカイツリーの下

Oh yeah, I mentioned there was one particular store I wanted to go to.  It's located on the sixth floor of one of the buildings and is called...."The World Beer Museum".  It's not really a museum but a beer hall.  But they do have one corner that sells beers from around the world as well as many different Japanese craft beers.

そうだ、僕がある店が本当の目的と言いましたね。それはソラマチの6階にある店です。店名は「ワールド・ビール・ミュージアム」! 博物館というより、ただのビールホールですけどね。でも売店に世界中のビールを売ってます。もちろん日本地ビールも何種類もあります。

Beer Pyramid / ビールピラミッド

You can actually purchase this beer pyramid for the small sum of \634,000!!  No, that is not a typo and would cost you about $65,000USD!!  It's a 634 bottle set.  Twice a month, the company will send you different beers for an entire year.  It rounds out to \1000 (or $12.00USD) a bottle.


Of course I took the time to check out the Tokyo Sky Tree as well.


What? Me not go home without buying Tokyo Sky Tree beer?


I also couldn't help myself at the next shop I went to either, it was the Studio Ghibli shop.  I just love Totoro!


Mei! / めいが可愛いね

Huge cat bus / でっかいねこバス

I think I would prefer this over a cuckoo clock.

Cat Bus looking out the window / ねこバスが外を眺めてる

I think I will probably go up the Sky Tree when my friend comes to visit Japan in September.  The reservation system will be gone by then.  Actually, the reservation system ended today!



Bryan (The American Tourist) said...

And visit Ghibli Museum! Two things to cross off the bucket list!

Rurousha said...

That sake shelf would make a mean bookshelf, don't you think? ;)

That's a very clever beer promotion - sending you two bottles per month - but I think my favourite shop (in this post) is the Totoro shop.

I'm enjoying my virtual tour very much. Part 3? ^^