Monday, July 9, 2012

Cheers to a SA blogger!

A gift to a fellow blogger friend of mine who is a big fan of Rilakkuma and absolutely loves the Tokyo Sky Tree.

You will find this at Solamachi (now, I suppose you might brave the crowds!)


Rurousha said...

Awww! Kawaiii! Disintegrates into squeals of envy. You went to Sky Tree?! What was it like? More photos, please!

Thanks for my present, Ern! I'm a happy South African! :)

Rurousha said...

PS: OK, that's it. I'm going. ASAP. I can hear Rilakkuma calling my name!

Tokyo Ern said...

Haha, I figured the combination of Rilakkuma and Sky Tree would make you forget about the crowds.

And yes, it was also a preview for my next walkabout post.