Sunday, July 1, 2012

A Walk around Daita Hachiman Jinja / 代田八幡神社の散歩

Now that I've complete my Mom posts, I shall go back to my own neighborhood walks, restaurants, and whatnot again.  Today's post was a walk I took at the beginning of April.  It was when I took off some time from work because of my broken wrist.  Good thing it wasn't my foot or ankle or I probably would have never left the apartment.  Daita is just a short walk up the road from our place and as it was a nice day, I thought I would take a detailed walk around the Daita Hachiman Shrine.


The entrance to Daita Hachiman Jinja / 代田八幡神社の入り口

I think this is actually the main entrance / こっちがメインの入り口かも

Daita Hachiman Jinja / 代田八幡神社

A look inside / 中を覗いてみる

The Koma Inu / 狛犬たち

Memorial to those who served in the Russo-Japanese War / 日露戦争に戦った方々の記念碑

The Daita Hachiman Shrine is located near this busy road which also happens to be the road we live on.


After spending a good half hour at the shrine, I strolled on one of the walking trails nearby.


Cool stone frogs in the stream / 石の蛙発見

I'm not an ornithologist so I have no idea what kind of bird this is, but it looks cool!


This was just too cute that I had to include it.  



Rurousha said...

The dog is the best bit! ;)

PS: Everything looks so new and clean in your neck of the woods, unlike my beloved scruffy shitamachi!

Tokyo Ern said...

I posted the dog pic on Facebook and got something like 19 "likes" from friends.

I may venture to shitamachi on my next day off if the weather permits.