Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Mom's last couple of days in Japan / お母さんの日本旅行最後の二日

Mom still had one other "to do" list while on vacation in Japan.  That was to eat chanko nabe in Ryogoku, Sumo capital of Tokyo!  Chanko nabe which is a Sumo style hot pot.  As I had to work, my mother spent the day with Mikako on their chanko nabe eating tour.  Here is Mom in front of the Ryogoku Kokugikan.


Mom being the tourist / 観光客のお母さん

The following pictures were taken by Mikako.  My mother and Mikako had almost forgotten to take pictures of what they ate so some of the items on the dish are not pictured.


Sorry, but I have no idea which chanko nabe shop they went to and Ryogoku has quite a few of them.


For dinner, we decided to have samgyeopsal at home.


The next two pictures were taken on Mom's very last day in Japan before heading to the airport and flying home.


Waiting for the airport limousine bus at the Cerulean Tower Hotel.


Of course I went with my Mom to the airport.


As Mom is heading back to the States, she won't have a chance to eat delicious ramen, so of course that is what we had for lunch at Ramen Kagetsu [Arashi].


Um, nope, that's not my Mom!  But this is the Ramen Kagetsu [Arashi] booth in the food court.


Mom had the Arashi Genkotsu Ramen / お母さんが食べたのは嵐げんこうつラーメン

I ordered myself the Curry Jack Ramen / 僕が注文したのは“カレージャック”

And some gyoza too / 餃子も頼みました

Curry Jack is available for only a limited time.


After seeing Mom off, I wandered around the Airport Mall for a while and also watched some planes land and take off.


Looking forward to seeing my mother and father, sister and her husband next year here in Japan!!



Rurousha said...

ではまた, お母さん! I enjoyed reading about your adventures. Come back soon!

PS: I had to Google samgyeopsal. Never heard of it before. (I'm not very clued up when it comes to Korean food.)

Tokyo Ern said...

He he, I made a mistake. Today's post was my final Mom post. Next one's may be of some walk somewhere.