Monday, July 2, 2012

Kanto Chuo Hospital / 関東中央病院

I wasn't going to write about my hospital stay for my broken wrist but I imagine most of my American friends (and some of my Japanese friends) may not have the opportunity to see the inside of a Japanese hospital.


My room for almost a week was on the fourth floor.


My space.  I was in a room for two but the day I was scheduled to check in, the other person was checking out.  So I had the entire room to myself for my entire stay.


My portable living room.  Television, fridge,, closet, safe box, drawer - all in one.

病院生活に吹かせないもの ‐ テレビ、冷蔵庫、引き出し、押し入り全部付いてる。

My operation is scheduled for a Monday, why do I need to go into the hospital on a Friday?


More closet space / 収納スペース結構あるよ

Even the chair has storage space / 椅子も収納スペースあり

View from the lounge / ラウンジからの眺め

In case you get tired of hospital food - 24hr convenience store.


The only place you can smoke (however, I am a non-smoker).


At the entrance of the hospital / 病院の入り口にあります

Nice apartment complex and close to the hospital!!


My lonely hanami / 一人花見

I will post pictures of the food I ate next!



Rurousha said...

I'm so glad you're writing about your hospital stay! I've never been in a hospital in Japan (and touch wood, won't ever, or not until I'm really ancient and decrepit), so I'm very curious about it.

The photos of the room made me grin. Neat, efficient and space is used optimally.

So ... that convenience store. You walked there in typical hospital garb that leaves your butt open? :D

Tokyo Ern said...

Fortunately, you don't have to be in the hospital gowns you see in the movies.

You can change into your street clothes if you like. Or just stay in pajamas. Come to think of it, I didn't have to wear one of those hospital gowns for my operation either.