Monday, July 2, 2012

Hospital food at Kanto Chuo / 関東中央病院の食事

As promised, this is a post about the food I ate while hospitalized at Kanto Chuo Hospital.  I know hospital food has a very poor image, especially in the States, but I had no complaints about the meals I was served.  As I am diabetic, I was served the diabetic menu (healthy and tasty).  Regular patients can actually choose from two choices of entrees.


This was my first meal at the hospital.  Not a bad start.  Breakfast is served at 8:00am, lunch at 12:00pm, and dinner at 6:00pm.


As you can see, the portion of meat on the diabetic menu is rather sparse.


You can make certain requests of what not to eat when you go into the hospital.  I definitely said no natto!


Very healthy indeed.  I kept the menus but forgot where I placed them.  Which is why I'm not giving any descriptions of what I actually ate.


Milk is always served with breakfast.


I think this was one of my favorites.


Only 3 shumai!  Now you should be able to understand why I was dying for a pizza!

シュウマイ3個だけ! だからピザが食べたく仕方なかったんだよ!

Nope, no bread or cold cereal!!


I hope you enjoyed the hospital culinary tour.



Rurousha said...

Rice, miso soup, rice, miso soup, rice ...

What on earth would the hospital do if you said NO RICE?! :D

It reminds me a bit of school lunches, but it looks a lot better than anything I've seen in South African hospitals.

PS: Next, the nurses? ;)

StarBrooke said...

I'm also diabetic (Type 1) and was also recently hospitalized for two weeks in Japan (not a diabetes related problem - my hgba1c is 5.4, so very good). I got *so sick* of rice. It also threw me off that they consider a diet with 60% calories from carbs healthy. (A type 1 has to adjust insulin to carbs, and I thought the amount of carbs really threw off my blood sugar. A healthy diet should have more protein/fat in it.) Anyway, I'm glad you enjoyed the stay alright, but I am not a fan of hospitals here or the lengthy period of time the incarcerate you. (Hard to get in, hard to get out seems to be the way...)

Elena di V. said...

I'm sorry to say that, but it's my first comment to this beautiful blog. And I'm commenting... a "hospital" post. Wish you all the best and to be careful! To subject. OMG, it's the most nice-looked hospital food I've ever seen. I suppose it tests also nice. In my country it's awful(((

Tokyo Ern said...

Well, no cute nurse photos - and they're were a few.

StarBrooke - no doubt about the long stay. My sister works for an insurance company in the U.S. and could not believe how long my stay was for a broken wrist, or why I was even hospitalized for a broken wrist!

I am half-Japanese and rice has always been a staple food in our family.

Elena di V: Took a peak at your blog. Beautiful pictures. Left a comment as well. Yes, the food was actually delicious!

Elena di V. said...

Thank you for the comment! And I suppose, you are getting better: with broken wrist posting a lot. Is it unnatural to be hospitalized with broken wrist? And leg?