Sunday, June 10, 2012

Mom in Aomori / ぁ母さんin青森

The following pictures were taken by mother on her trip to Aomori.  As Mikako and I had to work, my mother was on her own.  I can only relate to you what she told me afterwards.


Mom on her way to Aomori / お母さんが青森行き

My mother-in-law's house / 義理の母の家

Greetings to my father-in-law / 義理の父にご挨拶

The Moms at the Nebuta place / ねぶたが展示してる場所

Love this picture of the Moms! / この写真良いね!

My mother-in-law / 僕の義理の母です

The Moms at Lake Towada / お母さんたちが十和田湖に

83yr old coffee shop owner Mom said she had a great time talking to.


Lake Towada / 十和田湖

Mom was in Aomori for 3 nights.  The first night she stayed at my mother-in-law's.  Then the two of them spent the next two days at a hot spring resort in Lake Towada.  Then back to my mother-in-law's for one more night before coming back to Tokyo.


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