Saturday, June 16, 2012

Mom Treats Us & Friends to a Champagne Brunch / お母さん私たちと友達にシャンパンブランチをご馳走してくれた

After my mother came back from Aomori, she treated me and my friends to a Champagne brunch at the New Sanno Hotel in Hiroo.  Now, this is America!!  Not only can you serve yourself American portions, the variety is awesome - roast beef, ham, sushi, desserts, cheeses, eggs benedicts.  You name it and its probably on the menu.  And you mustn't forget the champagne!!  There was also caviar as well.  And I finally got a chance to welcome my friend to Japan (the one who moved here in February, she's the one sitting next to me).


Our friends Yukio & Reiko / 友達の幸男とレイコ

Me and my friend Diana / 僕と幼馴染のダイアナ

Diana and Mom / ダイアナとお母さん

Diana had to leave early to catch a plane to Taiwan.  Yukio and his girlfriend took us for a drive and we took Mom to Shin Okubo.


In Shin Okubo / 新大久保

Mom relaxing at Honey Cafe in Shin Okubo / お母さんがハニーカフェで一休み

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