Friday, June 8, 2012

Kaisen Misakiko / 海鮮 三崎湖

This year on Mother's Day, I have to work and my mother will be heading off to Aomori to spend time with my mother-in-law.  So, we decided to celebrate Mother's Day a day earlier and took my mother to a neighborhood kaiten sushi shop.  This restaurant is located on the basement floor of the Carrot Tower in Sangenjaya and is called [Misakiko].  We all enjoyed a variety of sushi!!

今年の母の日僕は仕事で、お母さんはその日青森に行く予定。僕の義理の母を会いに、二人が十和田湖の温泉旅行に行くんだ。羨ましい!というわけで、母の日は一日早く祝う。お母さんを近くの回転寿司の店「海鮮 三崎湖」に連れてあげた。もちろん私たちのご馳走で。店は三軒茶屋、キャロットタワーの地下にあります。寿司いろいろ食べたよ!

Nakaochi no Maguro / まぐろの中落ち

Maguro / まぐろ

Salmon / サーモン三昧

Negi Toro Maki / ねぎとろ巻

Gunkan Maki / 軍艦巻 だったけな?

Scallops / 帆立

Hamachi / はまち

Sea urchin / ウニ

Mackerel / あじ

Crab / ズワイガニ

Fatty tuna / 大トロ

How happy was my mother with our Mother's Day surprise.  Take a look below.


Yep, I think that's one happy mother.


I'd say we had a bit to eat.


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Rurousha said...

Open wide! :D I think maybe that's my favourite mom photo yet! ^^