Monday, June 4, 2012

3 Days with Mom Day 3 (Part 5) / お母さんとの三日間 三日目 (パート5)

After lunch, there was still two things my mother wanted to do.  One was to go to the Tora-san Museum.  "Tora-san" being a very popular movie series in Japan starring Kiyoshi Atsumi.  The other thing was experience a ride in the "yagiri no watashi".  Which is a small ferry ride across a river which started in the early ages of the Edo era.  The ferry connects Shibamata in Tokyo to Matsudo in Chiba Prefecture.


Tora-san awaits at his own museum.


My other enjoyed the various interviews and videos while I enjoyed checking out the replica of Showa era Japan (again).  This was not my first visit to the Tora-san museum.


Part of the original set of the Tora-san movie featuring the dango shop.


Time slip back to Showa era Japan / 昭和時代にタイムスリップ

We are going to cross that river in a ferry that's been in business since the Edo era.


On the river / 川の上

It was quite windy when we crossed the river so the boatman only used the oar to pull away from the shore.  It appeared that we were drifting along the current until the boatman fired up the engine (so much for sticking to tradition, but it was a necessity I might add).  Oh, and the boat fee is only 100yen one-way.


Mom with the boatman in the background.  A favorite picture of mine.


Um, not much to see on the other side of the river.


Check it out - Tokyo Sky Tree as seen from the Chiba side of the river.

要チェック ‐ 千葉県から見える東京スカイツリー。

This is the Chiba side of the ferry landing (unfortunately, it looks more like homeless person's abode).


Waiting for the boat to take us back to Shibamata.


The ferry dock at Shibamata.


I like the old style houses in the foreground with the Tokyo Sky Tree in the back.


Nagaya-mon at Yamamoto Tei, a place we walked through to go to the Tora-san Museum.


Me and Mom enjoying our day in Shibamata.


Oh, I almost forgot.  We went back to [Tora-ya] to eat some kusa dango!


Yum! / 美味しい!

Spotted these guys on our way back to Shibamata station.


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Rurousha said...

Tokyo Sky Tree! ^^ You can really see that tower from everywhere, can't you?

I rather like the shabbiness of the ferry landing spot. Shitamachi rustic charm! ;)

That's a nice photo of your mom in the boat, and the two of you at the gate.