Monday, April 9, 2012

A Walk around Shinuku Gyoen National Garden (Part 2) / 新宿御苑の散歩 (パート2)

Continuing my walk around the Shinuku Gyoen National Garden.  After walking around the Mother and Child's Forest, I headed to the traditional Japanese garden, where you will find two traditional tea houses as well.


Tea House Rakuu Tei / 茶屋 楽羽亭

Magnolia / 白木蓮 (ハクモクレン)

Another interesting building, I must go investigate.


But first, more cherry blossoms / その前に、また満開の桜を

I discovered that this was the Taiwan Pavilion Goryo Tei / この建物は旧御凉亭

View from the Taiwan Pavilion / 旧御凉亭からの眺め


Not a cherry blossom but a rhododendron / 桜ではなく、ミツバツツジです
More cherry blossoms / 桜の木
Row of Sycamores / スズカケノキ

And yet another building of interest - the Old Imperial Rest House

また気になる建物がありました ‐ 旧洋館御休所

Oriental Paper Bush (Edgeworthia Chrysantha) / 三椏 (みつまた)

Ending my walk with one last look at the cherry blossoms.


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Anni said...

You're lucky to be there during the cherry blossom season :) I've never seen them!

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