Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Hanami 2012/ 花見 2012年

It's that time of year again in Tokyo - cherry blossom viewing time.  Actually, as I always say its a chance to get together with friends and eat and drink and be silly.  My friend sent me mail saying how about meeting at 10:00am.  10:00am?  I wrote back - too early!  Most of our friends will show up around 1:00pm so why not meet at noon.  Our chosen location for hanami is the same as always - Yoyogi Park.

東京であの季節がやってきました ‐ お花見!ま、桜を見るより、友達が集まって飲んで、食べてわいわいするのが普通。花見前日友達からメールが来て、朝10時で待ち合わせしませんかって。朝10時?返しに、早すぎだよ、みんなが大体1時位に集まるから昼で良いんじゃない。今年の花見の場所は毎年と一緒 ‐ 代々木公園。

On our way to our hanami site, my friend pointed out this vending machine.  It's the first banana vending machine in Japan (according to the sign at the top). 


We found a decent spot under this cherry blossom tree.


There was an outdoor fair happening at the park as well.


Setting up our area / 場所取りの準備

What an excellent spot!  / 今年の場所は最高すぎる!

Hanami snacks / 花見のおつまみ

Beer, wine and nihon shu as well / ビール、ワインと日本酒もありました

My friend's daughter with the kickboard - Rino / 友達の娘梨乃ちゃん

Today's special guest - the Mama-san from the Oden Yatai where most of us met.

今日のスペシャルゲスト ‐ おでん屋台のママ (その屋台でみんなと友達になった場所)

My friend Nori / 友達のノリ君

Nori's wife Mari with their second child - Rinne / ノリ君の妻マリちゃんと二人目の子供凛音(りんね)ちゃん

Yes, we are eating and drinking underneath that tree.


Rino and Shoei / 梨乃ちゃんとショウエイ君

Rinne / 凛音ちゃん

A nice turnout this year / 今年の参加メンバー

More members of our crowd / この人達もうちの花見参加者

One last look at the cherry blossoms before heading off to drink and eat some more.



Rurousha said...

It's all Very Organized with tents and tables and glasses (plastic?) and, I dunno, possibly even a banana or two? You really found a nice spot. Oodles of fun! :)

Tokyo Ern said...

Ha ha, the tables, chairs, and plastic cups and bowls we brought. The tents in the background was part of the Outdoor Fair.

And yes, we bought a couple of bananas from Japan's first banana vending machine. Unfortunately, I don't who ate it though.

Biozery Kid said...

I'm Ilham. I'm just following your blog since it's a very good blog that tells about many interesting places in Japan. Nice to meet you.
^ ^

By the way, that banana ending machine? It sounds amusing. Lol

Tokyo Ern said...

Hello Ilham,

Nice to meet you as well. I'm glad you enjoy my blog.

There are still so many places to explore in Tokyo, I never get bored.