Sunday, April 8, 2012

A Walk around Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden (Part 1) / 新宿御苑の散歩 (パート1)

After checking out the cherry blossoms along the Meguro River, it was time to head out to my main objective - Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden.  I couldn't believe the crowd at the entrance.  I almost decided not to go but as this was my first visit I joined the crowd.  I was aware that people would be going to Gyoen for hanami but I didn't expect it to be like heading into a rock concert with security checking bags at the entrance.  As there is no alcohol allowed into the garden, I suppose the security measures were necessary.  There is a 200yen entrance fee but its quite worth it.  The garden is huge!  Once I was in the gardens, it didn't seem so crowded.

目黒川の桜を見たあと、そろそろ今日のメインの目的地に移動 ‐ 新宿御苑。 入り口の混雑にびっくりした! 一瞬諦めようと思った。でも初新宿御苑なので、並びました。花見で来るお客さんは想像しましたがまさかこんな人込みとは思えなかった。ロックコンサートの会場みたいな感じでした。入り口でセキュリティが荷物検査を行ってた。ま、御苑内はアルコール禁止ってことで、こうするのは当たり前か。入園料は大人¥200。 安いもんですよ。 入ったらこの公園の広さに圧倒されまました。入り口の混雑も一気になくなりました。

Of course there would be cherry blossoms in the garden.


I love the two shades of pink / 色違いの桜って最高

As this is a garden, there will be other flowers aside from cherry blossoms.


The gardens is separated into four main areas - the Mother and Child's Forest (which I went to first), the Japanese Traditional Garden, the English Landscape Garden, and the French Formal Garden.

御苑は4のメインエリアに分かれてます ‐ 母と子の森 (最初に探索した場所)、日本庭園、イギリス風景式庭園とフランス式整形庭園。

Cherry Blossoms in the Mother and Child's Forest / 母と子の森にある桜

These are interesting - Bald Cypress

これは面白い ‐ ラクウショウという

From the Mother and Child's Forest, I headed to the Japanese Traditional Garden.


Very Central Park-ish don't you think with the towering building in the background.


Not a cherry blossom but beautiful / 桜ではございませんが美しい

There is still more to see.  To be continued...


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Rurousha said...


I started walking very early this morning (in Kita-ku) but fled at 11 am, when it got too claustrophobic. Wow. Wild. ^^