Saturday, April 7, 2012

Cherry Blossoms 2012 / 桜満開 2012年

As I continue to rehabilitate my left wrist, I ventured out today to check out the cherry blossoms in full bloom.  First I walked along the ryokudo (foot path) near our apartment.  And then went to check out the blossoms at the Meguro River.  However my main walk was going to be around the Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden but I will save the National Garden for my next post.


Along the Karusuyama Ryokudo / 烏丸山緑道

This is the same tree as the first picture / 最初の写真の同じ桜の木です

Taishido Elementary School on the left / 左側のビルは太子堂小学校

The next few pictures were taken along the Meguro River.


One of the most popular areas to check out cherry blossoms.


The large concrete building on the left is the Ohashi Junction.  There are plans for a park to be built on top of the building and should be opened some time this year.

左側の建物は大橋ジャンクション。 今年屋根公園もオーペンする予定です。

Meguro River / 目黒川

Blossoms sprouting from the trunk of the tree / 木の幹から咲いてる桜

Okay, this isn't a cherry blossom tree but I thought it was pretty interesting.  There were water mills placed at 11 different locations to remind one of the the countryside's seasonal changes.

これは桜の木ではありませんが、ちょっと面白かったので、撮ってしまいました。これの隣にサインが書かれた ‐ 田園の風物詩だった水車。

Next its off to the Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden.


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Rurousha said...

Gorgeous in real life, gorgeous in photos! Enjoy Yoyogi today! (Isn't it a perfect day for cherry blossoms?)