Friday, April 6, 2012

Valentine & White Day / バレンタインとホワイトデイ

I know I'm a little late with this post but I thought I would share with you all the desserts we had for Valentine's Day and White Day.  My American friends will be familiar with Valentine's Day but perhaps have not heard of White Day.  We all know that the guy gives his sweetheart chocolates on a Valentine's Day don't we?  Not in Japan.  The Japanese did not want to copy the traditions of Americans so on Valentine's Day in Japan its the women who give their boyfriend, husband, etc chocolate.  I'm not going to go into detail about honne choco and giri choco but will give you the simple explanation.  Honne choco is given to the guy that the woman is really sweet on.  Giri choco is given to your boss, supervisor, etc (giri means obligatory).  And because it is the women who give sweets out on Valentine's Day, the Japanese confectioners created White Day!  On March 14, it is the guys turn to return the favor of giving sweets to his sweetheart, lover, spouse, etc.

時期は遅れましたが、今年貰ったバレンタインとホワイトデイに妻にあげたデザートを紹介しおうと思った。アメリカ人の友達なら誰でもバレンタインデイは知ってる。でもホワイトデイとは何か? 日本のバレンタインはアメリカと違って、女性たちが男たちのチョコかスイーツをあげることになってる。本音チョコや義理チョコもありますが、最近は友チョコとかいろいろありそうです。そして日本のスイーツメーカーが考えたバレンタインデイのお返し‐ホワイトデイ! 3月14日はホワイトデイだ。面白いと思いますが、考えてみればスイーツメーカーの金儲けになってるじゃないか。ま、そこまで考えちゃ駄目ですね。

I didn't receive a Valentine chocolate this year.  Instead, on Valentine's Day when I came home, after dinner I was greeted with a Valentine's Day cake!!


For White Day, I wanted to be different again so this year I went to a small patisserie in my old neighborhood of Mishuku called Chez Matsuo to see what types of sweets they had. 


I chose a mango cake for my wife this year.


I treated myself to a pistachio cake.


However, for Mikako, the main White Day gift was this box of 5 different flavored chocolates - plain, raspberry, chestnut, orange, and mixed nuts.

ところでホワイトデイのメインのお返しは5種類の生チョコ ‐ プレーン、フランボワーズ、マロン、オレンジとノワ。

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