Friday, April 6, 2012

Katana / カタナ

Now that I've got a bit of strength in my left hand, enough to type with two hands, I thought I would write some new posts.  This is a yakiniku restaurant that we went to with a friend of mine (the same one who invited me ice skating where disaster occurred) but this was before that incident.  This restaurant is located in Sangenjaya not too far from the French restaurant, Taberoya, that my friend and I went to previously.


We had our own little booth.


Our platter of meat before grilling / 焼く前のお肉たち

Grilling in progress among the bean sprouts / ブルゴギ風の焼き方だ、もやしもいっぱい

Side dishes of tofu with kimchi and an assortment of kimchi


I couldn't pass this up - whole roasted garlic, yum!!


Their chijimi was delicious too!


Bon Appetit!



Rurousha said...

When I read the title of this post, I thought, "Oh no! Now he's had an accident with a sword!" (>_<)

That assumption should be forgiven. If you can break your wrist with skates, imagine what you'd do with a katana ...

Glad you're back in action. Have you gone on a sakura sanpo yet? ^^

Tokyo Ern said...

(LOL) That's a scary thought!

Planning on a couple of sakura sanpos soon. I think I will check out Megurogawa today and my neighborhood jinja.

Tomorrow I might check out Shinjuku Gyoen (I've never been there).

Sunday, hanami with friends near Yoyogi Park.