Friday, March 30, 2012

NOTICE / お知らせ

Before surgery, not lookin' quite so right.


That definitely doesn't look right either!


Anyway, surgery last Monday was a success and I am currently at home.  I get to replace my current half-cast with a wrist supporter on Monday.  Go back again Tuesday, then I have my regular appointment for diabetes on Wednesday.  Heck, I'm becoming like my mother with all these hospital visits.  Still, rehab for using my left hand is a challenge.  I don't even have the strength to squeeze a tube of toothpaste yet.


I won't bore you with extended posts about my hospital stay - maybe a post on Japanese hospital food though.  To all my faithful readers, I'm back and I shall write new posts soon.

退屈な病棟生活のネタは書きませんので安心して下さい ‐ ま、日本の病院食のネタ位は書くかも知りません。僕のブログの読者の皆様、無事戻りましたので、これからいろんなネタを書きおろします。

1 comment:

Rurousha said...

Oh, dear Sir, but you are mistaken. This particular reader wants to hear the unabridged hospital saga when you've fully recovered.

Food, yes, but also noble doctors and irritating co-patients and beautiful Indonesian nurses and brave patients and bumbling bureaucrats. (Please combine the adjectives and the nouns as you see fit.)

Take care! Hope that wrist is back in action very soon! :)