Thursday, November 17, 2011

Oktoberfest at the Red Brick Warehouse / 赤レンガ倉庫でオクトーバーフェス

Red Brick Warehouse from the Circle Walk / サークルウォークから見える赤レンガ倉庫

After checking out the Cup Noodles Museum and the Japanese Overseas Migration Museum, I finally headed towards the Red Brick Warehouses.  I was unaware at the time but felt lucky because the Oktoberfest was in progress.  There was lots of good food to be had but since I ate all those noodles already I only had enough room to drink a few beers.  I knew if I had a regular sized glass then I would only be able to drink one beer and head home.  Fortunately, one of the stands which had a variety of beers on their menu also had a tasting menu as well.  You could choose four beers from their list.


Oktoberfest / オクトーバーフェス

It may not seem crowded outside but there was also an indoor seating area with a live band as well.  It was quite crowded in there. 


Here are the beers I chose which were all from the Sankt Gallen Brewery:

     01. Wheat Ale Extra Cold
     02. Premium Weizen
     14. Kokutou (Brown Sugar) Sweet Stout
     03. Orange Weizen


     01. エクストラコールドウィートエール
     02. プリミアムヴァイツェン
     14. 黒糖スイートスタウト
     03. オレンジウィート

All the beers I chose were great.  Yummy stuff.

選んだビール全てが美味しかった! ハズレなし。

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