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Loud Park 2011 (Part 1) / ラウドパーク 2011(パート1)

One year has passed.  It was time once again for Japan's Heaviest Festival - LOUD PARK!!  Of course I went!  But I was on my own this year.  Mikako decided not to join me but I figured I would run into some friends at the concert site anyway.  I imagine because of the large earthquake and tsunami in March that this year's festival was only held on one day not two.  The list of bands that would be playing were Animetal USA, August Burns Red, Amaranthe, United, Stryper, Unisonic, Krokus, Trivium, The Darkness, Arch Enemy, Whitesnake, and Limp Bizkit.  The doors open at 9:30am and the show starts at 10:30am and lasts until 10:00pm!  The show was held at the Saitama Super Arena

一年が経った。あの時期がやってきました!日本最大のメタルフェス ‐ ラウドパーク!! もちろん今年も行ってきました。今回美香子がパスして一人で行ってきました。 多分会場で友達と会うと思ったんで一人行っても寂しくない。多分3月の東日本大震災のせいで今年のラウドパークは2日ではなく一日だけでした。参加するバンドは:アニメタル USA、オーガスト・バーンズ・レッド、アマランス、ユナイテッド、ストライパー、ユニソニック、クローカス、トリヴィアム、ザ・ダークネス、アーチエネミー、ホワイトスネイク、とリンプビズキット。今年の会場はさいたまスーパーアリーナー。9:30開場で10:30開演。終わるのは夜10時頃。

Saying hello to Screaming Mad George / スクリーミング・マッド・ジョージに挨拶

Screaming Mad George come to life? / スクリーミング・マッド・ジョージが生きてる?

A few time changes, this picture came in handy or I might have missed the bands I wanted to see.


I left the house around 8:30 to give myself enough time to catch the first act which would be Animetal USA. 


Animetal USA

Set List:

1. 愛をとりもどせ!! [Ai wo tori modose]
2. ガッチャマンの歌 [Gatchaman no Uta]
3. ペガセス幻想 [Pegasus Genso]
4. Intro to ゆけゆけ飛雄馬 [Intro to Kyojin no Hoshi]
5. がんばれドカベン [Ganbare Dokaben]
6. マジンガーメドレー(withももいろ) [Majinga Medley w/ Momoiro]
7. 残酷な天使のテーゼ [Zankoku na Tenshi no Tehzu]
8. 宇宙戦艦ヤマト [Uchu Senkan Yamato]

Metal in the morning!  What a way to start the day.  At anime theme songs no less.  This band may seem like a joke to a lot of people but once they realize who the members are, I'm sure they will change their minds.  The vocalist is Mike Vescera, former singer of Obsession but mostly known for his stint as vocalist of the Japanese heavy metal band Loudness.  The guitar player is Chris Impelliteri, the bass player is Rudy Sarzo, and the drummer from Judas Priest.  What more can you ask for?  I was slightly bummed that they didn't play the entire song from the theme of "Kyojin no Hoshi", but still, just listening to the intro was cool.


August Burns Red

Set List:

1. Composure
2. Empire
3. White Washed
4. Medler
5. Mariana's Trench
6. Cutting the Ties
7. Poor Millionaire
8. Backburner

I was unfamiliar with this band but liked their name so I decided to watch their set.  While I wasn't blown away or anything it wasn't too bad. 



Set List:

1. Abyss - Intro
2. Sing Along Song
3. Loud N Clear
4. Rock That Makes Me Roll
5. Reach Out
6. Calling On You
7. Free
8. More Than a Man
9. The Way
10. To Hell with the Devil
11. Soldiers Under Command

Now, this was one band I was wanting to see.  I had seen Stryper back in the '80s and was looking forward to their set.  I was not disappointed.  And they were wearing Yellow and Black.  Although there was no throwing of their Yellow and Black Bibles into the audience.  I couldn't help myself but sing along to the encore of "Soldiers Under Command".

このバンドのセットを待ってました。80年代もストライパーのライブ行ったことがある。また20年後、ストライパーのライブが見れるなんと思えなかった。今でも黄色の黒の衣装もなんだか新鮮。さすがに昔みたいに客席で聖書を投げることはなかった。(うん、昔そういう事もやってたよ!聖書も黄色と黒)。楽しすぎて、アンコルで歌った“Soldiers Under Command”も一緒歌った!


Set List:

1. Intro / Leave Everything Behind
2. Enter the Maze
3. 1,000,000 Light Years
4. Automatic
5. Call Out My Name
6. Rain
7. Serendipity
8. Hunger

Another band I was unfamiliar with so I took this opportunity to walk around the arena and treated myself to a beer.  It was also nearing lunch.  One of my friends who knew I was going to be here sent me mail so I met up with her and her husband and we ate lunch together.


First I snacked on one of these.


My main lunch - taco rice.  My friends had reserved seating but I told them I wanted to check out the next band from from the arena anyway and head back to the floor to catch Krokus' set.  Another band I saw back in the '80s.  Back then they were the opening act for Nazareth.  Great show!



Set List:

1. Long Stick Goes Boom
2. Fire
3. Tokyo Nights
4. Screaming in the Night
5. Heatstrokes
6. Bedside Radio
7. Mighty Quinn

What an excellent set.  I knew all the songs they played.  Unfornately, Fernando von Arb wasn't able to come to Japan because he was in the hospital but they had a competent guitar player to fill in for him.  Well, more than half there set was from their album "Metal Rendez-vous" which came out around 1980 or so.  Of course I have that album.



Set List:

1. My Inner Revenge
2. Fight Fear Kill
3. Kill Your Sense
4. Mosh Crew
5. Hollow
6. Fate
7. Revenger
8. Cross Over the Line
9. Untied

The only Japanese band on the bill this year.  This band has been around for quite a while.  I think they're more hardcore than metal so I only stayed to watch a couple of their tunes before going wandering around again.


So that's half the bands so far.  To be continued...


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