Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Japanese Overseas Migration Museum (Part 2) / 海外移住資料館

As I mentioned in my previous post, I was taking my time looking through the Japanese Overseas Migration Museum.  Fascinating what you find when you just wander around.


Tools used in the emigrants new home / 新しい所で使用した道具

Family life of immigrants / 移住民たちの生活

The table set kind of reminds me of my own home during the holidays.


General Merchandise Store / ジェネラル・ストアー

Love the display cabinet / ディスプレイ可愛い

The following pictures are some of the jobs and occupations of migrants.


Soy Sauce making / 醤油工場

Many migrants worked at the canneries in Alaska and the Pacific Northwest.


Farming / 農業

Commercial fishing / 漁の仕事

Growing pepper / 胡椒栽培

Growing cotton / 綿栽培

Growing coffee / コーヒー栽培

Camera / カメラ

Immigrants keeping tradition alive!


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