Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Japanese Overseas Migration Museum (Part 1) / 海外移住資料館 (パート1)

It was still early in the afternoon when I had finished lunch at the Cup Noodles Museum.  I decided to take a walk and wander around the Red Brick Warehouses.  But right near the circle walk was the Japanese Overseas Migration Museum.  Mikako and I had come here before but it was closed.  Or at least we thought it was closed.  I ventured another peek inside and discovered that the museum portion was further back in the building and since it was free I decided to take my time checking it out. 


The first item that you are drawn to is a replica of a float Japanese farmers entered in the Rose Festival in Portland, Oregon in 1920.

I thought I would save some time by providing you with the information from the museum itself.


The first wave of travelers were not really emigrants but contract laborers who were shipped to Hawaii to work on sugarcane plantations.


Aside from the contract laborers, the other travelers were students.


The first true Japanese emigrants settled in Brazil in an area called Arianca.


The emigrants left Japan by ship.


The various types of luggage that the emigrants took with them.


Passport and household idols / パースポートや日本式の神々


Projector and show films for the traveling cinema / 巡回シネマに使用してた映写機と映像フィルム

(Its what was written on the sign / サインにそう書かれてました)

I bet my father would love to have one of these.


Medical instruments / 医療器具

Printing set / プリントセット

Got to be able to make their omochi overseas!


To be continued...


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