Saturday, August 13, 2011

A Walk around Futakotamagawa / 二子玉川の散歩

A couple of months ago when I went to that Moroccan restaurant, I also took a walk around the neighborhood.  My main reason for going was to run an errand for my mother as the area around Futakotamagawa station has expanded into one really huge shopping complex, very popular with the housewife crowd.

二ヶ月前に二子玉川でモロッコ料理店に行った時、その日はその周辺も散歩した。目的はモロッコ料理ではなかった。あの日、アメリカに居るお母さんの頼みで行った。今二子玉川(通称 ニコタマ)駅の周辺は巨大なショッピングエリアに変わった。主婦のあいだで大人気で何かのテレビ番組で聞いてた。

This whole area is one big shopping complex, or rather there are three different but large shopping areas.  I was just looking for some origami paper I tell ya.  But I knew that I was going to have lunch at that Moroccon place.  Also a lot of art objects around the area.


哀喜行 by 大貝滝雄 / Not sure how to read the title but it's by an artist named Takio Ohgai

遠い人 by 掛井五郎 / "Toi hito" by Goro Kakei

鳥の碑 by 本郷新 / "Tori no Ishibumi" by Shin Hongo

And I came across this nice little organic doughnut shop and bought myself a couple.  I had one made with sugarcane and another made with black beans and soy.

そして商店街のほうでこういう可愛いドーナッツショップを発見しました。「はらドーナッツ」。 もちろんドーナッツを買いました。選んだのはサトウキビと丹波黒豆きなこ。

Sugarcane / サトウキビ

Black bean & soy / 丹波黒豆きなこ

Aside from the shopping areas, the station is located along the Tama River.  A popular place for people to have picnics and barbecues.


As I said, it's a popular barbecue spot / やっぱ人はバービーキューをやってます

The shots below are of the Tama River / 下記の写真は玉川です

But you really want to know what's great about this place.  You can buy yourself an ice cold beer and relax while looking at the river.


Cheers! / 乾杯!

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