Thursday, August 11, 2011

Random Photos / ランダム・写真

Here's another round of some random photos I took that don't fit into any of my regular posts and I just didn't feel like writing anything lengthy.


You know it's summer in Tokyo when you see and hear these guys!


At a nature park in Ishikawa in Chiba Prefecture.


Somewhere between Ikejiri and Mishuku / 池尻と三宿の間のとこか

This goal is where the oden food stall used to be / このゴールの所に昔おでんの屋台がありました

Pikachu on the shinkansen (bullet train) / 新幹線に描いてるピカチュ

Cantaloupes sent from my mother-in-law / 義理の母が送ってくれたメロン

Last year's Christmas presents to myself that I bought myself / 去年自分の為で自分で買ったクルスマスプレゼント

Uh, I still haven't gotten around to watching the Screaming Headless Torsos or Sevendust DVDs.


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