Thursday, August 25, 2011

Korean Kitchen [Macchan] / コリアンキッチン 「味ちゃん」(まっちゃん)

I had the day off on Mikako's birthday so of course we went to Shin-Okubo.  We decided to have lunch at a different restaurant that day and went to the Korean Kitchen [Macchan].  But we still ordered the same item as we would have at [Kanton no Omoide].  That would be an order of samgyeopsal (which translates to 3 layered flesh and is made with pork belly). 


Nothing quite as pleasing to the eye as grilling meat, ah, and the smell is heavenly as well (apologies to vegetarians but I love my meat!)


As I said, beautiful!  言った通り、美しい!

Mustn't forget the toppings and a mug of beer as well.


The various ways of eating your samgyeopsal.  The meat is delicious by itself as well!


Bon Appetit!


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