Sunday, August 28, 2011

Turkish Restaurant [Bodrum] / トルコ料理 「ボドルム」

I was having a craving for some Turkish cuisine since last month and not long ago I noticed that a new Turkish restaurant called [Bodrum] had opened along my bus route.  As it was the middle of the Obon season, a friend of mine had the week off from work and decided to join me.  Which is a good thing because that means we can order a bit more variety and share.


[Bodrum] is located on the second story of a building not too far from the Ikejiri-Ohashi station on the Den-en Toshi Line.  Lunch is served between 11am until 3pm.  The restaurant has a very homey atmosphere.  When we went, it wasn't crowded so we took a table by the window.  In fact, we sat at the table on the right in the picture above.  And since we both had the day off, we started off or meal with a glass of Turkish beer called Efes.


Efes Pilsener / エフェス・ピルセナー

Since there was two of us, we ordered two different lunches.  We decided on a kofte (Turkish style meatballs) and dolma (stuffed green peppers, stuffed grape leaves are also called dolma).  Our meal was served with lentil soup.

二人なので、ランチも二つを注文しました。キョフテ (トルコ風ハンバーグステーキ)とドルマ (ピーマンに詰まったピラフと牛ひき肉にトマトペースト、数種類のスパイスのもの、ぶどう葉で詰まったものもドルマと言う)。両方のランチにレンズ豆スープ付。

Kofte Lunch / キョフテランチ

Dolma Lunch / ドルマランチ

Lentil Soup / レンズ豆スープ

Our meal ended with a glass of cay (Turkish Tea).  Afterwards, my friend joined me on one of my neighborhood walks.  We wandered around Takadanobaba but I will save that for another post.


Bon Appetit!


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